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Two of my friends got the jobs they wanted through LinkedIn so I've been working on making my profile as attractive as possible for the niche I need. With the help of BoomEssays I finally got the profile that perfectly balances between being specific enough to show up in recommendations of the necessary people and general enough to cover my bases without any direct mention of the company I aim for. I already got in touch with HRs of competing companies, feel myself closer than ever.


I really hoped that, by the time I'd start my dissertation, the educational realm will make a step further and focus on quality over quantity. But no, they want a 100-page description of what was stated in detail in the proposal. I'm an engineer, not a creative word-builder! Let alone my job and hopes for personal life (wink). Long story short, BoomEssays, I’m happy we met! Special thanks for the discount!


I wish all my lab experiments were like this one! The teacher accidentally marked I was present when actually I wasn't so Boom Essays had to write me an outstanding report based on my friend's notes. Perfect crime!

Lab report

I had to miss a couple of classes over the course of the semester and turned out it's quite difficult to compile a coursework without these notes. I would have found myself in trouble if not for BoomEssays. Thanks for the prompt work and great quality, you are crack pros! Just a small suggestion: it would be great to know my writer’s name so I didn't have to refer to them by number.


Thanks for proofreading my motivational letter, I was never even slightly as good with grammar as I am in web design. Yet, the HR’s seem to be mostly coming from linguists and they know nothing about the job they offer but know very well about missed commas.


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